Mo' Money, Mo' Money

quarter going into piggy bank

We've all heard the phrase, "mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!" We might like the idea behind this statement, but we might not appreciate how this is accomplished. Most people who have a lot of money, didn't get that way without a lot of hard work.

Plastic Credit Cards

credit card

Credit and debit cards are becoming much more common methods of payment. Paper money can be lost and never found again. Plastic cards account for the problem by linking to your bank account. However, you should always watch for credit theft or overusing your funds.

Paper Money

paper money stacks

It's always fascinating to learn what you can about making paper money. The process has become so complex that it is practically impossible to replicate. Not only do you have raised plates to engrave the markings on the bill, but you also have special kinds of paper and other things.

Manage Your Money

reading classes credit cards forms

The biggest pitfall for most people when it comes to their money is overspending. Everyone should have a good budget set up. They should stick to the budget and only buy something if they have already planned to do so.